Top things to do

Village in Miyama-Chō


Along Rte 38 in the village of Kitamura, you'll find Miyama-chō’s star attraction, a hamlet boasting a cluster of some 50 thatched-roof farmhouses, said to be the thickest concentration of these buildings in Japan. …
Japanese in Miyama-Chō


A wonderfully elegant restaurant serving kappō-ryōri (gourmet set menus) in a fine thatched-roof house. It’s about 30 minutes north of the Miyama-chō centre by car. Reservations are required (at least one day in adv…
Noodles in Miyama-Chō


This thatched-roof place on the road to Kayabuki-no-Sato serves simple but tasty noodle dishes as well as nabe (hotpot) dishes. Look for it behind the cluster of shrubs and pines.
Cafe in Miyama-Chō


This delightful little cafe and gallery specialises in sweets handmade from local ingredients.