Top things to do in Miyako-jima

Top Choice Beach in Miyako-jima

Sunayama Beach

Just 4km north of the Hirara district of Miyakojima city, you'll find this little, archetypally tropical Japan beach, which lies at the bottom of a large sand dune (hence the name 'Sand Mountain Beach'). If you've o…
Top Choice Noodles in Miyako-jima

Rāmen House Tida

This old-school family noodle joint exudes a Shōwa-era movie vibe if only for its fabulously faded original decor. Friendly hosts dish out hearty bowls of steaming broth, tasty fried rice and juicy gyōza. Many years…
Top Choice Izakaya in Miyako-jima

Pōcha Tatsuya

This hospitable izakaya is a warm, efficient bastion of Miyako-jima quality, serving fresh, thoughtfully prepared local fare such as kobushime-yawaraka-ni (steamed cuttlefish; ¥730) and sūchiki (vinegared pork with …
Top Choice Cafe in Miyako-jima

Miyako-jima Cafe Karakara

Stop in to pay a visit to the inimitable and delightful Mr and Mrs Yamashita, who built this fabulously atmospheric sea-shanty cafe on the road to Ikema-jima, with their own love and gumption. Be sure to have a bowl…
Izakaya in Miyako-jima


Nanraku is Miyako-jima embodied in an izakaya – an earthy, convivial atmosphere, with ingredients sourced from local bounty. Chef Nanraku-san is a local boy, and his celebration of the island's cuisine and its prove…
Beach in Miyako-jima

Yonaha-Maehama Beach

On the southwest coast, beautiful Yonaha-Maehama is a 6km stretch of white sand that attracts a lot of families and young folk due to its shallow waters. It's a lovely beach, but it can get crowded, and the presence…
Beach in Miyako-jima


If you've seen the crowds at Yonaha-Maehama and decided you want something quieter, head across the Kurima Bridge and drive to the northwest coast of Kurima-jima (来間島), where you will find the brilliant (and usually…
Bakery in Miyako-jima


If you couldn't see this hole-in-the-wall bakery, you'd smell it. It's unique for its owner's commitment to selling fresh bread throughout its opening hours. This means you'll find fresh rolls – plain (which are not…
Lighthouse in Miyako-jima

Higashi Henna-zaki

If you've got a car, we recommend a drive out to the southeastern tip of the island, a narrow finger of land that extends 2km into the Pacific Ocean. There are picnic tables, walking trails and a lighthouse at the p…
Beach in Miyako-jima

Boraga Beach

On the southeast end of the island, this is a popular spot for snorkelling and kayaking (with a hair-raisingly steep access road).