Top Choice Izakaya in Miyako-jima

Pōcha Tatsuya

This hospitable izakaya is a warm, efficient bastion of Miyako-jima quality, serving fresh, thoughtfully-prepared local fare such as kobushime-yawaraka-ni (steamed cuttlefish; ¥730) and sūchiki (vinegared pork with …
Soba in Miyako-jima

Koja Honten

One block northwest of the intersection between Ichiba-dōri and Nishizato-dōri, this nondescript noodle house is something of a local legend. For more than 50 years, Koja has been serving up steaming bowls of sōki-s…
Southeast Asian in Miyako-jima


Fresh spring rolls, green curry, gōyā champurū and nasi goreng all feature on the menu here, and a young crowd keeps it lively if you're just here for a Singha beer or a sip of awamori.
Supermarket in Miyako-jima

Super Nakasone

Family-run grocery in Hirara.