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Top Choice Beach in Miyako-jima

Sunayama Beach

Just 4km north of the Hirara district of Miyakojima city, you'll find this little, archetypally tropical Japan beach, which lies at the bottom of a large sand dune (hence the name 'Sand Mountain Beach'). If you've o…
Beach in Miyako-jima

Yonaha-Maehama Beach

On the southwest coast, beautiful Yonaha-Maehama is a 6km stretch of white sand that attracts a lot of families and young folk due to its shallow waters. It's a lovely beach, but it can get crowded, and the presence…
Beach in Miyako-jima


If you've seen the crowds at Yonaha-Maehama and decided you want something quieter, head across the Kurima Bridge and drive to the northwest coast of Kurima-jima (来間島), where you will find the brilliant (and usually…
Lighthouse in Miyako-jima

Higashi Henna-zaki

If you've got a car, we recommend a drive out to the southeastern tip of the island, a narrow finger of land that extends 2km into the Pacific Ocean. There are picnic tables, walking trails and a lighthouse at the p…
Beach in Miyako-jima

Boraga Beach

On the southeast end of the island, this is a popular spot for snorkelling and kayaking (with a hair-raisingly steep access road).
Beach in Miyako-jima

Yoshino-kaigan Beach

On the north side of Miyako-jima's southeastern cape, this long, shallow beach has a park featuring showers and toilets.
Island in Miyako-jima


Head north to drive across Ikema-Ōhashi (池間大橋) to the little island of Ikema-jima. The shallow aquamarine water on either side of this 1.4km bridge is insanely beautiful on a sunny day (just try to keep your eyes on…
Shinto Shrine in Miyako-jima


Hidden away in downtown Hirara, a district of Miyakojima city, Miyako-jinja is a recently reconstructed shrine that, over time, merged two disparate shrines and moved locations.
Beach in Miyako-jima

Aragusuku-kaigan Beach

On the north side of the island's southeast end, this popular beach is great for shallow-water snorkelling and has showers and toilets.