Miyajima restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Miyajima


Discerning visitors queue at this small restaurant in a traditional house and garden to get their hands on Miyajima's signature dish, anago meshidon, the only thing on the menu here. The large bowls of succulent fis…
Top Choice Izakaya in Miyajima


By day at Mame-tanuki there are lunch sets, such as the tasty anago meshidon and fried oysters; at night it is one of the few places open late, serving drinks and izakaya-style small dishes. Look for the yellowish b…
Top Choice Cafe in Miyajima

Cafe Lente

This comfortable cafe boasts excellent views of the torii and sea. Open and airy, it serves handsome-looking lunches, such as Japanese chicken curry and vegan risotto, to go with the quietly stylish decor. Organic c…
Seafood in Miyajima


The oysters in the tank and on the barbecue outside are what everyone is eating here. Try a plate of nama-gaki (raw oysters) or kaki-furai (crumbed, fried oysters), or go for oysters on udon noodles. It's not all ab…
Cafe in Miyajima


The aroma of roasting coffee beans lures people into this cafe inside a former storehouse dating from the early 1900s. Bare wooden floors and tables match a simple menu of coffees (from ¥500; including espresso, lat…
Seafood in Miyajima


Kakiya is a sophisticated oyster bar on the main street, serving delicious local oysters freshly barbecued in their shells. For a taste of oysters done five ways, try the 'Kakiya set'. Wash them down with a glass of…
Gelato in Miyajima


Baccano gelateria dishes up refreshing swirls of handmade ice cream, including fruity standards, milk-free fig and interesting local flavours such as roasted green tea and black sesame.