Cultural in Sendai

Sendai Tanabata Matsuri

The Tanabata Matsuri celebrates a Chinese legend about two stars: Vega, a king’s daughter, who fell in love with Altair, a common herder. The king disapproved, so he formed the Milky Way between them. Once a year ma…
Music in Sendai

Jōzenji Street Jazz Festival

Hundreds of buskers from across Japan perform in Sendai’s streets and arcades. Book your accommodation way, way in advance.
Religious in Matsushima

Zuigan-ji Tōdō

The approach to Zuigan-ji is lit with candlesticks to honour the ancient shrine.
Cultural in Sendai


At Osaki Hachiman Shrine, men brave subzero weather to don loincloths and pray for good fortune for the new year.
Light Show in Sendai

Sendai Pageant of Starlight

Around 600,000 festive lights illuminate Aoba-dōri and Jōzenji-dōri during this sparkling festival.