Miyagi Prefecture attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Sendai

Zuihō-den Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Date Masamune sits majestically atop the summit of a tree-covered hill by the Hirose-gawa. Built in 1637 but destroyed by Allied bombing during WWII, the current building, completed in 1979, is an e…
Buddhist Temple in Matsushima


Tōhoku’s finest Zen temple, Zuigan-ji was established in AD 828. The present buildings were constructed in 1606 by Date Masamune to serve as a family temple and the Hondo (main hall) has been beautifully restored to…
Museum in Ishinomaki

Ishinomori Mangattan Museum

This popular manga museum's other-worldly spaceship structure survived the tsunami largely intact, while the collection has since been restored and rejuvenated. The work of influential manga-ka (cartoonist) and loca…
Island in Matsushima


You can't miss the 252m-long red wooden bridge connecting Fuku-ura-jima to the mainland. The shady trails here, which wind around the island through native pines and a botanic garden, make for a pleasant hour-long s…
Buddhist Temple in Matsushima


Date Masamune constructed this small wooden temple in 1604. Although it stands on an island in the bay, connected to the mainland by two short bridges, it was miraculously untouched by the 2011 tsunami. The temple d…
Museum in Ishinomaki

Miyagi Sant Juan Bautista Museum

A full-scale replica of the Spanish-style Japanese-made ship Sant Juan Bautista, commissioned by Date Masamune in 1613 as part of a diplomatic mission to Europe, is on display here (though visitors can no longer go …
Park in Ishinomaki

Hiyori-yama Kōen

In the hills above Ishinomaki, 56m above sea level, this beautiful park stands on the site of the former Ishinomaki castle. Offering sweeping views over the city, it's a wonderful spot to relax. The park's 400 cherr…
Castle in Sendai

Sendai Castle Ruins

Built on Aoba-yama in 1602 by Date Masamune and destroyed during Allied bombing, Sendai-jō still looms large over the city. Giant moss-covered walls, as imposing as they are impressive, remain intact and the grounds…
Library in Sendai

Sendai Mediatheque

Housed in an award-winning structure designed by Japanese architect Itō Toyō, this cultural hub includes a library, art galleries and event spaces. Check the website to see if anything is going on when you're in tow…
Museum in Sendai

Sendai City Museum

The city museum offers a comprehensive account of samurai Masamune's epic life, as well as displaying more than 13,000 artefacts on loan from the Date family, with plenty of explanations in English.