Top things to do

Bakery in Matsuzaki

Costa Forno

Run by a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Nagano native, this heavenly bakery offers ¥100 cups of coffee to go with your Nagano blueberry jam (homemade, from harvest to bakery) and cream-cheese pull-apart bread, or Nagano …
Shokudo in Matsuzaki

Mingei Sabō

Here you'll find fishing paraphernalia on the walls and filling sets of fresh local seafood on the (picture) menu. It's near the port in Matsuzaki. From the art museum, walk straight across the river and keep going …
Museum in Matsuzaki


Explore the rooms and antique tools and curios in this old kimono shop and residence that is decorated with namako-kabe. Outside is a striking retro-design clock tower and a footbath.
Museum in Matsuzaki

Izu Chōhachi Art Museum

This museum showcases the work of native son Chōhachi Irie (1815–99) including one of his masterpieces, Shungyo-no-zu (Dawn in Spring; 1875). His frescos and plaster works are unimaginably detailed – magnifying glas…
Japanese in Matsuzaki


Run by friendly older women, this simple canteen offers up a good range of dishes from sashimi set meals to noodles.