Bicycle Rental in Matsuyama

JR Matsuyama Rental Bicycles

Available at the JR Matsuyama Rental Cycle Port, to the right, out on the main road, as you exit JR Matsuyama Station. You can also pick up and drop off at the Ōkaidō Rental Cycle Port in the Ōkaidō Arcade, the Mats…
Airport in Matsuyama

Matsuyama Airport

Matsuyama airport, 6km west of the city, is easily reached by bus (¥460, 15 minutes, half-hourly) from the front of the JR Matsuyama Station.
Ferry in Matsuyama

Setonaikai Kisen

Has regular hydrofoil connections between Matsuyama and Hiroshima (1¼ hours, 12 daily) and Kure on Honshū.
Ferry in Matsuyama

Matsuyama Kokura Ferry

Runs between Matsuyama and Kita-Kyūshū (seven hours, daily).
Bus in Matsuyama

Bus Stop