Available at the JR Matsuyama Rental Cycle Port, to the right, out on the main road, as you exit JR Matsuyama Station. You can also pick up and drop off at the Ōkaidō Rental Cycle Port in the Ōkaidō Arcade, the Matsuyama-jō (Castle) Rental Cycle Port at the foot of the ropeway, and the Dōgo Onsen Station Rental Cycle Port.


Tickets cost a flat ¥160 for each trip (pay when you get off). A day pass costs ¥600. Lines 1 and 2 are loop lines, running clockwise and anticlockwise around Katsuyama (the castle mountain). Line 3 runs from Matsuyama-shi station to Dōgo Onsen; line 5 goes from JR Matsuyama station to Dōgo Onsen; and line 6 from Kiya-chō (木屋町) to Dōgo Onsen.

You can also ride the vintage Botchan Ressha (坊ちゃん列車), small trains that were imported from Germany in 1887. Named for Natsume Sōseki's famous novel, they ran up and down Matsuyama's streets for 67 years, and they're now back in use. Combo tickets for the Botchan Ressha plus a one-day tram pass cost ¥800.