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Cycling in the countryside of Nara prefecture

Let's cycle around the old castle town of Uda in the back country of Nara prefecture!Located about an hour by train from Osaka, Uda city lies on a 300-meter-high plateau. From ancient times it had strong ties to the sacred places of Kumano and Yoshino, and to the former capitals in Japan. In the Middle Ages the Matsuyama district flourished as a castle town with a vivid merchants’ quarter. The streets lined with their shops look just as they did in the Edo period, 200-250 years ago, and it would be no surprise to see Samurai walking about. It has been designated as Conservation District of Traditional Buildings by the Japanese government.Cycling through the satoyama landscape, experiencing calligraphy, one of Japan’s traditional arts, and getting a glimpse of how people lived 200 years ago are all part of this tour Experience traditional Japan with all your five senses in Uda! We look forward to welcoming you! Let's get started!
6 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Sake Brewery Tour with Comparing Fruit Liqueurs from Ehime

【OUTLINE】This sake brewery is a popular for its fruity liqueurs richly made from the local fruits from Ehime.You will watch the process of making aged sake according to the traditional method and can taste the finished Japanese sake. Try the unprocessed sake and the pickles (not for safe) only available here in Eiko Shuzo. Enjoy tasting and comparing Japanese sake as well as 12 liqueurs made from the local fresh fruits from Ehime. After the brewery tour, sake tasting and shopping at the store, please get their plum wine as a souvenir.【HIGHTLIGHT】 ・Watch the process of making sake using the excellent natural water from Wakigafuchi valley of the ・Takanawa Mountains and the carefully selected local rice named Matsuyama-Mitsui ・Taste the 12 kinds of liqueurs made from the local fruits from Ehime ・Limited items such as unprocessed sake and pickles (not for sale) you cannot taste anywhere else・Get the plum wine as a souvenir
1 hour
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Visit the Traditional Sake Brewery Representing Dogo area

【OUTLINE】This brewery is located close to Dogo Onsen hot springs which is a popular tourist spot.Visit the traditional sake brewery with more than 120 years of history, and taste the local sake and beer.In addition to tasting and comparing sake and Dogo beer, you can create an original label, and bring the labeled sake back home as a souvenir. Minakuchi Brewery's shop is a registered tangible cultural property as a modern Japanese-style building in Ehime. Please appreciate the atmosphere of the building.【HIGHTLIGHT】 ・Easily accessible from Dogo Onsen・Traditional way of sake making at a sake brewery with more than 120 years of history・Visit the Minakuchi Shuzo's shop and main house, a registered tangible cultural property as a modern Japanese-style building in Ehime・Drink and compare different kinds of sake and Dogo beer at "DOGO STANDING BAR - Bekkan"・Create an original label and take the labeled sake back home as a souvenir
1 hour