Matsushima restaurants

Sweets in Matsushima


On the 2nd floor, with huge windows overlooking the bay, this light-filled, minimalist cafe specialises in castella, a moist, sponge-like cake originally brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants in the 16th century.…
Bakery in Matsushima

Aizawa Bakery

Tucked away on a residential street a few blocks back from the main thoroughfare, this tiny, one-room bakery does a seriously good sourdough, as well as delectable croissants and pastries worthy of a Parisian boulan…
Japanese in Matsushima

Santori Chaya

Perennial local favourites from land and sea such as kaisen-don (mixed sashimi on rice) and gyūtan (chargrilled cow's tongue) feature here, along with seasonal specialities such as Matsushima's famous oysters. Seati…