Noodles in Matsumoto


In Nakamachi, this is one of central Japan's finest soba shops. Its owner used to run a French restaurant in Tokyo before returning to his home town. Keeping things Zen, there are two dishes: zaru-soba and kake-soba…
Izakaya in Matsumoto


This wonderfully traditional izakaya serves favourites such as oden and yakitori as well as some more challenging specialities…
Curry in Matsumoto


One of our favourites, this little 'ma and pa' outfit has been serving delicious curry rice (Japanese style) in an adorable former storehouse by the river since 1970. If you like tonkatsu, you must try the katsu kar…
Taiwanese in Matsumoto


This simple Taiwanese eatery near the castle serves amazing spicy soups, noodles and veggies, as well as the standard array of Chinese fare at very reasonable prices. There's a picture menu.
Hawaiian in Matsumoto


This Hawaiian-themed restaurant flips the best burgers in Matsumoto, hands down. There's a bunch of other fun and tasty stuff on the menu as well: great for little kids and big kids alike or when you're drowning in …
Ramen in Matsumoto

Menshō Sakura

Miso fans and rāmen fans should not go past this purveyor of fine noodles. Miso rāmen and black Kuro-miso rāmen are the specialities of the house: both rank highly. The gyōza are crunchy and the beer is cold. Ask th…
Tōfu in Matsumoto

Tōfu Ryōri Marui

On the 7th floor of the ESPA building opposite JR Matsumoto Station, you'll find this outpost of an Asama Onsen family business that has been making tofu for over 80 years. Lovers of the food's versatility will appr…