Parade in Matsumoto

Asama Onsen Taimatsu Matsuri

Around the start of October, Asama Onsen celebrates the spectacular and slightly manic fire festival, wherein groups of men, women and children, shouting 'wa-sshoi!' like a mantra, parade burning bales of hay throug…
Parade in Matsumoto

Matsumoto Bonbon

Matsumoto's biggest event takes place on the first Saturday in August, when over 25,000 people of all ages perform the 'bonbon' dance through the streets, well into the hot summer's night. Be prepared to be drawn in…
Music in Matsumoto

Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival

During this festival about a dozen classical-music concerts are held in memory of revered Japanese conductor and music educator Saitō Hideo (1902–72). Ozawa Seiji, conductor emeritus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra…
Cultural in Matsumoto

Matsumoto-jō Sakura Matsuri

Three days after the cherry blossoms are declared to be in full bloom (early April), the castle and its sakura trees are illuminated spectacularly and entry to the inner compound is free for eight days.
Theatre in Matsumoto

Takigi Nō Matsuri

This atmospheric festival features outdoor performances of nō (a stylised dance-drama performed on a bare stage) by torchlight in the park below the castle.
Music in Matsumoto

Matsumoto-jō Taiko Matsuri

The castle grounds and beyond ring out with the sound and energy of taiko drumming during this awesome festival, held the balmy last weekend of July.