Top Choice Noodles in Matsue


Next door to the samurai house, this busy soba restaurant and its beautiful grounds are an excellent place to sample the local warigo soba. Try the tasty soba kamo nanban (noodles with slices of duck in broth). Look…
Top Choice Izakaya in Matsue


You can count on a friendly welcome at this small izakaya, which specialises in the 'seven delicacies' from Shinji-ko and is a good place to try some local sake. The daughter of the owners speaks English. Look for t…
Japanese in Matsue


Next to Matsue-ōhashi, this bright, wood-themed restaurant is a tranquil spot for unameshi (eel and rice; ¥2700). Or opt for one of the delicately prepared kaiseki spreads, such as the Shinji-ko course (¥4320).
Japanese in Matsue


Stylish Nakria specialises in a range of steamed meat, seafood and vegetable dishes, and also serves pasta and curry sets. Try the deliciously dark and hot sesame curry. Vegetarians are catered for – let the staff k…
Seafood in Matsue


The smell of fish grilling over coals permeates this restaurant, which specialises in the cuisine of the Oki Islands. The menu features meals like eri-yaki konabe (hot spicy soup cooked over a flame at your table) a…