Top Choice Castle in Matsue


Dating from 1611, picturesque Matsue-jō has a wooden interior showcasing treasures belonging to the Matsudaira clan. Known as Plover Castle for the graceful shape of its gable ornaments, Matsue-jō is one of only 12 …
Top Choice Gallery in Matsue

Shimane Prefectural Art Museum

With its white undulating roof and huge glass windows facing the lake, the museum building itself is an impressive sight. Inside, it displays rotating exhibits from its collection of wood-block prints (there are som…
Historic Building in Matsue

Lafcadio Hearn Old Residence

A small late-19th-century samurai house with pretty gardens where Hearn lived. You can still see the desk where he penned his classic collection Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan, which contains his famous essay on Matsu…
Museum in Matsue

Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn) Memorial Museum

This memorial museum has displays on the life and work of former Matsue resident Lafcadio Hearn, as well as some of the writer's personal effects – including his dumb-bells, spectacles and a stack of Japanese newspa…
Historic Building in Matsue

Buke Yashiki Samurai Residence

Built for a middle-ranking samurai family during the early 18th century, Buke Yashiki is an immaculately preserved house and garden.
Museum in Matsue

Matsue History Museum

Matsue's excellent modern museum gives a broad-ranging introduction to the history of the region clans, and development of local industry and crafts. Among the displays are old town maps, ceramics, letters and the l…
Gallery in Matsue

Adachi Museum of Art

East of Matsue in Yasugi is this excellent museum, founded by local businessman and art collector Adachi Zenkō. The collection includes over 100 paintings by Yokoyama Taikan (1868–1958) and a good selection of works…