A peaceful 7km nature trail east of town winds through paddy fields and past Mano's attractions. The entrance is near the Danpū-jō bus stop, along the Minami bus route between Ryōtsu and Sawata. From the trailhead, it's a short walk to Myōsen-ji, which was founded by one of the Buddhist monk Nichiren's disciples and features a distinctive five-storey pagoda.

From Myōsen-ji, it's a 10-minute walk through farmland and up old wooden steps set into the hillside to Kokubun-ji, Sado-ga-shima's oldest temple, dating from AD 741. Another 3km takes you past marvellous lookout points to Mano Go-ryō, the tomb of Emperor Juntoku. From there it's a short walk down to the Sado Museum of History & Tradition, where tireless animatrons act out scenes from Sado's dramatic past.