Kyūshū shopping

Top Choice Homewares in Shimabara

Inohara Kanamono-ten

Dating from the 1850s and a registered cultural property, this busy, rustic blade shop is filled with incredible knives, hatchets, swords and even ninja shuriken (throwing stars), plus just about anything you might …
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Beppu

Chikugōgei Yamashō

Opened in 1948 and recently renovated, this gallery feels like an intimate museum of Japanese bamboo art. Many of the works were made by well-known artists from around Beppu and range from sky-high-priced baskets fo…
Clothing in Fukuoka

Hakata Japan

This chic shop, to the right as you enter Hakata Riverain, has been producing intricately woven Hakata-ori for generations. Originally supplying obi (kimono sashes), it now puts the fabrics to more modern uses inclu…
Shopping Centre in Fukuoka

Canal City

Canal City is Fukuoka's biggest mall, boasting an eponymous artificial canal with illuminated fountain symphony, a multiplex cinema, a playhouse and about 250 boutiques (large tenants include Muji, H&M, Uniqlo a…
Arts & Crafts in Fukuoka


White-faced clay ningyō (Hakata dolls) depicting women, children, samurai and geisha are a popular Fukuoka craft. This place has been selling them since 1940 and also offers doll-painting workshops (¥2560 to ¥3240, …
Clothing in Fukuoka

Okano Hakata Riverain

Hakata is renowned for its weaving tradition, called Hakata-ori, and this elegant shop offers obi, kimonos and accessories from business-card holders to handbags in the distinctive style. None of it is cheap (silk o…
Arts & Crafts in Miyazaki

Miyazaki Products Shop Konne

Across from a park, this place sells local wood crafts, clay haniwa (earthenware totems), lacquer and glassware, a small collection of traditional masks and dolls, plus lots of snacks and a wall of shōchū (strong di…
Food in Nagasaki


Among the new restaurants sits this stalwart, in business since 1624, and a must for history buffs and those with a taste for Japanese sweets. Individually wrapped slices of castella (dense sponge cake) make great g…
Gallery in Karatsu

Karatsu Ware Federation Exhibition Hall

Just outside Karatsu Station, this exhibition hall displays and sells local potters' work, with prices ranging from ¥500 to eye-watering. Potters have a display area and many have (Japanese only) info.
Mall in Fukuoka

Hakata Riverain

Modern, multistorey mall with some 70 shops for fashion, homewares and design, plus restaurants and cafes. The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is on the top floors.