Clothing in Fukuoka

Hakata-ori no Sennen Kōbō

Hakata is renowned for its weaving tradition, called Hakata-ori, and this elegant shop offers obis, kimonos and accessories from business-card holders to handbags in the distinctive style. None of it is cheap (silk …
Arts & Crafts in Fukuoka


White-faced clay Hakata ningyō (Hakata dolls) depicting women, children, samurai and geisha are a popular Fukuoka craft. This place sells them and also offers painting workshops (¥1575 to ¥3150).
Food in Nagasaki


Among the new restaurants sits this old stalwart, in business since 1624, and a must for history buffs and those with a taste for Japanese sweets. New bite-sized cube options are perfect for gifts.
Arts & Crafts in Miyazaki

Miyazaki Products Shop Konne

This place sells local wood crafts, clay haniwa (earthenware figures), lots of snacks and a wall of shōchū liquors.
Books in Fukuoka


The Fukuoka branch of Mandarake is Kyūshū's largest manga store, with several storeys of games, comic books and DVDs.
Arts & Crafts in Beppu

Chikugōgei Yamashō

For over a century, the must-have souvenir for Japanese holidaymakers in Beppu was everyday-use bamboo products (such as baskets); nowadays the trend is toward art pieces. Yamashō offers a wide variety of this craft…
Department Store in Fukuoka

IMS Building

The IMS building in Tenjin has prime skyline views from its 12th- and 13th-floor restaurants, including busy No No Budo. Nearby is Pietro Corte for Italian food, or head to Mrs Elizabeth Muffin in the basement food …
Shopping Centre in Fukuoka

Canal City

Canal City shopping centre is Fukuoka's biggest mall, boasting an eponymous artificial canal with illuminated fountain symphony, hotels, a multiplex cinema, a playhouse and about 250 boutiques, bars and bistros. It …
Electronics in Fukuoka


Near Fukuoka Tower, Robosquare sells robotics and salutes all things cyborg with demonstrations, robot performances and small exhibits of current technology. The latest Roomba, drones, and other hands-on demos are f…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Beppu

Oita Made Shop

This lovely shop features special products, foods, liquors and crafts from Ōita Prefecture, most with explanations, in Japanese, English and Korean, describing the artistry, region and history of the item. Find it a…