Top Choice Ramen in Fukuoka


Ichiran has been serving noodles for 39 years. Customers eat at individual cubicles, and fill out forms requesting precisely how they want their noodles prepared. Flavour strength, fat content, noodle tenderness, am…
Top Choice Japanese in Nagasaki

Organic Restaurant Tia

In a new location, Tia serves mouth-watering home-style Japanese cooking made with local, organic products. It's on the 2nd floor, with an entry that's easy to miss on the corner of the Links Ginza Bldg.
Top Choice Izakaya in Fukuoka

Fish Man

Fish Man's post-industrial vibe has lacquered plywood and big windows, which show off the unconventional presentations of seafood fresh from the Nagahama market across town: kaidan-zushi (sushi served on a wooden sp…
Top Choice Izakaya in Kumamoto

Kome no Kura

This black-walled, quietly chic izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery), with cosy private booths and hori-kotatsu (well in the floor for your feet) seating, has a whole menu of Kumamoto specialities along with standard fare.…
Top Choice Izakaya in Kagoshima

Yamauchi Nōjō

Kuro Satsuma-dori (black Satsuma chicken) is the name of the bird served here, and also what it looks like after being grilled sumibi-yaki-style over open charcoal. Other local dishes: marinated katsuo (bonito) sash…
Top Choice Japanese in Beppu

Jigoku Mushi Kōbō

Amid the hells of Kannawa, you can cook your own meal in onsen steam in this workshop. Purchase ingredients on the spot (or bring your own), and steam them in kama (vats) roiling from the onsen below.
Top Choice Izakaya in Kumamoto


Yokobachi's leafy courtyard and open kitchen are distinctive. Stand-out small plates include spicy tebasaki (chicken wings), an inventive Caesar salad with sweet potato and lotus root chips, delicately fried mābō-do…
Top Choice Japanese in Kagoshima


This atmospheric multistorey restaurant near central Tenmonkan covers all your Satsuma-ryōri needs: Satsuma-age, tonkotsu, kurobuta shabu-shabu, and lots of fresh fish and seafood. Look for the vertical sign with re…
Japanese in Kagoshima

Kagomma Furusato Yatai-mura

Yatai-mura means 'food stall village', and some two dozen stalls near Kagoshima-Chūō Station offer a taste of Kagoshima of old. Follow your nose to your favourite stalls for sumibi-yaki (coal-fired chicken), sashimi…
Yakitori in Fukuoka

Tenjin Nobunaga

Nobunaga is raucous and rowdy, and that's just the chefs. There's no English menu, but it's easy to choose from the skewers behind the counter. Another house speciality is potato-mochiage (¥420), a fried dumpling of…