Top Choice Tofu in Karatsu

Kawashima Tōfu

On the shopping street near the station, this renowned tofu shop has been in business since the Edo period and serves set meals starring tofu, plus other seasonal specialities, around the 10-seat counter in a jewel …
Top Choice Ramen in Fukuoka


Ichiran has been serving noodles for 39 years. Customers eat at individual cubicles, and fill out forms requesting precisely how they want their noodles prepared. Flavour strength, fat content, noodle tenderness, am…
Top Choice Sweets in Miyazaki

Okashi no Hidaka

This is a 67-year-old family-run legend. Peruse the refrigerator case of luscious-looking Japanese and Western pastries, but order the giant nanjakō-daifuku (dumpling of sweet bean paste, strawberry, chestnut and cr…
Top Choice Gyoza in Beppu

Gyōza Kogetsu

This seven-seat counter shop with a manic local following has only two things on the menu, both ¥600 – generous plates of gyōza (dumping) perfection fried to a delicate crunch, and bottles of beer. It's in the tiny …
Top Choice Chinese in Nagasaki

Butaman Momotaro

These small, mouth-watering dumplings are a Nagasaki standard, and family-run Butaman Momotaro has been making them since 1960. Grab a couple of these tasty treats for breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner, or after a l…
Top Choice Grill in Aso-san Area

Takamori Dengaku-no-Sato

A fantastic thatch-roofed ex-farmhouse, where around your own irori embedded in the floor the staff use oven mitts to grill dengaku (skewers of vegetables, meat, fish and tofu covered in the namesake sweet miso past…
Top Choice Kaiseki in Nagasaki

Shippoku Hamakatsu

Come here if you would like to experience shippoku-ryōri and still afford your airfare home. Course menus are filling and varied (the Otakusa Shippoku is served on a dramatic round tray). In addition, there is a cho…
Top Choice Japanese in Nagasaki

Organic Restaurant Tia

In a new location, Tia serves mouth-watering home-style Japanese cooking made with local, organic products. It's on the 2nd floor, with an entry that's easy to miss on the corner of the Links Ginza Bldg.
Top Choice Izakaya in Fukuoka

Fish Man

Fish Man's post-industrial vibe has lacquered plywood and big windows, which show off the unconventional presentations of seafood fresh from the Nagahama market across town: kaidan-zushi (sushi served on a wooden sp…
Top Choice Noodles in Satsuma Peninsula

Tōsenkyō Sōmen Nagashi

In a gorge near Ikeda-kō, Tōsenkyō Sōmen Nagashi is a pilgrimage site for many Japanese (an estimated 200,000 annual visitors!) as the 1967 birthplace of nagashi-sōmen (flowing noodles). Sōmen (thin wheat-flour nood…