Top ChoiceKaiseki in Nagasaki

Shippoku Hamakatsu

Come here if you'd like to experience shippoku-ryōri (Nagasaki-style kaiseki) and still afford your airfare home. Menus are filling and varied, and there's a choice of Japanese- or Western-style seating.

Top ChoiceJapanese in Nagasaki

Organic Restaurant Tia

Tia serves a buffet of mouth-watering home-style Japanese cooking using local, organic products. It's on the 2nd floor, with an entry that's easy to miss on the corner of the Links Douza Building.

International in Nagasaki

Dejima Wharf

First things first: the wharf's not part of Dejima; the land didn't even exist during those times. Still, Dejima Wharf is a picturesque harbour-side collection of indoor-outdoor restaurants (serving everything...

Izakaya in Nagasaki


Patrons have been ordering the hito-kuchi gyōza (¥380 for 10) at this rustic hole-in-the-wall place since the 1970s. Also try butaniratoji (pork and shallots cooked omelette style; ¥540) or beer or sake highball...

Kaiseki in Nagasaki

Ryōtei Kagetsu

Dating to 1642, this sky-high shippoku-ryōri restaurant started life as a high-class brothel. Japanese skills or a chaperone, and a love of food, will enhance the dining experience. There are beautiful gardens...

Buffet in Nagasaki

No no Budo

Come for the buffet, stay for the view at the new Nagasaki branch of this much-loved casual buffet chain. Dozens of savoury and dessert offerings concentrate on organic and local, including an entire counter of...

International in Nagasaki

Higashi-yamate Chikyū-kan

In the Dutch Slopes a quirky 'World Foods Restaurant' operates most weekends; each week a different chef comes to prepare inexpensive meals from their home country – some 70 nations have been represented so far....

Japanese in Nagasaki


People have flocking to this place, behind a traditional shop front festooned with red lanterns, for chawanmushi (savoury egg custard) since 1866. The Yosso teishoku (set meal; ¥2376) adds fish, soboro eel...

Chinese in Nagasaki


This huge Chinese restaurant (look for the giant red pillars) near Glover Garden is credited as the creator of champon and has been in operation since 1899. There are dead-on harbour views and a small champon...

Cafe in Nagasaki


Despite the name Toruko (Turkish) rice, there's nothing much Turkish about the hearty Nagasaki signature dish of this retro kissaten (coffee shop): pork cutlets in curry gravy over pasta and rice. Tsuru-chan...

Chinese in Nagasaki


At this Shinchi Chinatown standby, the cheerful staff dressed in black with white aprons have been serving southern Chinese cuisine since the Shōwa era. The ¥800 lunch set meals (noodle dishes, sweet-and-sour...

Sweets in Nagasaki


Fine cake shop across from Megane-bashi; castella (dense sponge cake) supplier to the Japanese imperial family.