Tourist Information in Yufuin


Next to the train station, this lovely new office has plenty of information in English, including detailed walking maps and brochures about natural sights, galleries, museums and onsen. Electric and ordinary...

Tourist Information in Karatsu

Tourist Information Office

Inside JR Karatsu Station; this office has a selection of English-language tourist maps and brochures, and some enthusiastic English-speaking staff who can book accommodation or show points of interest on the...

Tourist Information in Nagasaki

Nagasaki City Tourist Information Center

This often-busy office can assist with basic needs such as finding accommodation, and has brochures and maps in English. The English spoken is minimal, though, and staff emphatically push English speakers towards...

Tourist Information in Takachiho

Town Centre Information Office

Across from the bus station, this office has helpful staff and a variety of maps, brochures, info, postcards and souvenirs. You can also store luggage and rent bicycles and cars here, and staff can assist with...

Tourist Information in Arita

Kiln Arita Tourist Information Desk

Staff at the city's tourist-information office, near Arita Station, can assist with maps in English, timetables, bicycle rentals, and introductions to accommodation – predominantly small private minshuku...

Tourist Information in Ibusuki

Ibusuki Tourist Information

The station's tourist-info desk offers a variety of services beyond just maps, directions and brochures. It can help with hotel reservations and even deliver luggage to your lodging in town for ¥400 if you arrive...

Internet in Kumamoto

Kumamoto City International Centre

Come here for travel info, free wi-fi, classes including Japanese language, streaming BBC News, a cafe, bike rental (¥300 per hour), and to browse international books and periodicals. The reception desk closes at...

Tourist Information in Kagoshima

Tourism Exchange Centre

Super-friendly staff help with maps and pamphlets and can make hotel reservations. The building, near the Museum of the Meiji Restoration, has a terrace overlooking the river.

Tourist Information in Fukuoka

Hakata Station General Information Center

The tourist-information desk here has everything you need. Ask for the free Fukuoka City Visitor's Guide, containing maps and discounts at participating hotels, attractions, shops and restaurants.

Tourist Information in Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park

Kirishima City Tourist Information

Right near the giant torii (shrine gate) at the entrance to Kirishima-jingū. There's a foot onsen steps from the entrance. Rental bikes are available but not cheap (¥1000 per two hours).

Tourist Information in Aso-san Area

Tourist Information Center

Next to JR Aso Station, this helpful centre offers free road and hiking maps, and local information in English. Coin lockers are available at the station, or the office can store larger luggage.

Tourist Information in Usuki

Usuki City Tourism & Community Plaza

This sparkling-new tourist plaza is set inconveniently far from the station. It has maps, pamphlets and life-size figures of Usuki's mascot, 'Hotto-san', a cute stone Buddha cartoon character.

Tourist Information in Beppu

JR Beppu Station Information Office

Across from the turnstiles at JR Beppu Station, this tourist office has helpful, knowledgeable, multilingual staff who can dispense information about hotels, restaurants and luggage storage.

Tourist Information in Sakurajima

Sakurajima Visitors Centre

Nearish the ferry terminal, with exhibits about the volcano, including a model showing its growth, and helpful English-speaking staff. There's an ashi-yu (foot bath) close by.

Tourist Information in Aoshima

Aoshima Tourist Information

The local tourist office is inside the new tourist complex Aoshimaya, which also offers restaurants and souvenir and snack shops.

Tourist Information in Imari

Imari City Information

Tourist brochures are available from this outlet on the regional Matsuura-tetsudō railway (MR), across the street from JR Imari Station.

Tourist Information in Fukuoka

Rainbow Plaza

The Fukuoka International Association's Rainbow Plaza has bilingual staff, free internet and plenty of foreign-language resources.