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At this classy upstairs bar, mellow out over coffee cocktails such as mojitos (with homemade coffee rum and coffee ice cubes) and espresso martinis. Liqueurs macerating on shelves above the bar lend a...

Cafe in Fukuoka

Oishii Kōri-ya

Kakigōri (shaved ice) is a huge thing in Japanese summers, and this shop is owned by a long-standing ice company so you know the main ingredient is top notch. Toppings span classic (strawberry milk), Japanese...

Cafe in Fukuoka

Stereo Coffee

This artful, art-filled cafe draws a hip, creative crowd for tasty espresso drinks, hot sandwiches and seasonal special drinks such as floats for summer. There are no seats – all the better to peruse the art on...

Bar in Fukuoka

Morris' Black Sheep

This Morris bar is just down the street from its Red Fox cousin. It's often packed, loud and fun, and may open even later on Friday and Saturday nights, depending on numbers. A generous patio opens onto the...

Brewery in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Craft

This beer bar, opened in 2017, brews its own creations and offers dozens of other beers from around the world, along with eats like mixed grill and Mexican dishes. The intimate wood-and-brick space opens onto a...

Bar in Fukuoka

CC Cafe

This cosy pub hosts a friendly mix of English-interested locals and expats, and doubles in the day as an English-language learning centre, with classes and some international events.

Pub in Fukuoka

Morris' Red Fox

One of the better pub chains in Japan, this bar attracts a nice mix of Japanese and gaijin (foreigners). Begin your evening with happy-hour cocktails (¥250; 5pm to 7pm) on the awesome patio perched high above...

Bar in Fukuoka


Enjoy views of Hakata and Canal City across the Naka-gawa through giant windows in this slick dining bar. With lots of glass and mirrors, it's a flashy spot to make a first impression. The chow is French, and on...

Bar in Fukuoka

International Bar

As the name implies, this is one of the original places in Fukuoka for locals and gaijin (foreigners) to connect, in a time warp of red-velvet seating with hip-hop or classic rock beats.