Top ChoiceGyoza in Beppu

Gyōza Kogetsu

This seven-seat, 1940s time warp with a manic local following has only two things on the menu, both ¥600: generous plates of gyōza (dumplings) perfectly fried to a delicate crunch, and bottles of beer. It's in...

Top ChoiceJapanese in Beppu


This busy spot may be the only restaurant in the world where you steam your own meal and eat it while dangling your feet in a foot bath. Order from a machine, take your lunch to the steamer (you can even order...

Bakery in Beppu

Tomonaga Panya

This charming, historic bakery has been in business since 1916, and people still happily queue for its ever-changing selection of oven-fresh breads and pastries. Take a number when you enter and peruse the...

Ice Cream in Beppu


There always seems to be a queue at this ice-cream counter just inside Sol Paseo Ginza Arcade. Even if something seems to have been lost in the English translations of a few flavours ('Strawberry cubic'? 'Yogurt...

Noodles in Beppu


There's nothing fancy going on here, but Rokusei's a temple to reimen (cold noodle soup) nonetheless. Bowls are pulled straight from the freezer, filled with chewy noodles in delicate beef broth, then topped with...

Japanese in Beppu

Jigoku Mushi Kōbō

Amid the hells (boiling hot springs) of Kannawa, you can cook your own meal in onsen steam at this workshop. Purchase ingredients on the spot (or bring your own), and steam them in kama (vats) roiling from the...

Japanese in Beppu

Toyotsune Honten

Local favourite Toyotsune nails the Beppu specialities: toriten (chicken tempura), Bungō-gyū (local beef), soy-marinated Ryukyu fish, plus tempura and lots of fresh fish. This recently renovated, brightly lit...

Seafood in Beppu

Fugu Matsu

This friendly shop has been serving simple fugu (pufferfish) since 1958. Sit on hori-kotatsu seating and sample sashimi, karaage (fried fugu) and hirezake (sake boiled with a grilled fugu fin). Reservations are...

Izakaya in Beppu

Jin Robata & Beer Pub

In the heart of Beppu, this welcoming izakaya is a long-standing favourite with visitors and locals. For something to go with your booze, pick from the rows of fresh fish on display (get it sashimi or cooked), or...

Japanese in Beppu

Toyotsune Beppu Ekimae-ten

Across from Beppu Station, Toyotsune serves up such local specialities as toriten (chicken tempura), plus lots of fresh fish. The more appealing main branch is near Beppu Tower.