Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Visit Gunkanjima island, the Battleship island, in Nagasaki

In this tour, you will have a chance to visit Gunkanjima island, the battleship island by cruising from Nagasaki city.
3 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Full-Day Fukuoka Custom Tour by Chartered Vehicle

Fukuoka is the largest city in the Kyushu area. It is said that various kinds of cultures came about due to large amount of trading with Eastern Asia for centuries. Fukuoka is known as the origin of Japanese green tea, soba, udon, and manjyu.
8 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Airport Transfer: Between Fukuoka Airport (FUK) and Fukuoka Hotels

Skip the hassle of transportation from the Fukuoka International Airport to or from your hotel in Fukuoka downtown by booking a private transfer for up to 35 passengers. This is the most convenient way to begin or end your trip to Fukuoka, Kyushu. There are various types of vehicles available, and depending on the size of your party, a proper-sized vehicle will be arranged.
1 hour
Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Sengan-en Entrance Ticket

In Kagoshima, deep in the south of Kyushu, across the bay from a smoking active volcano, lies the stately home of one of Japan’s most powerful samurai clans, the Shimadzu clan. Sengan-en is a stately home and landscape garden along the coast north of downtown Kagoshima, Japan. The gardens cover over 12 acres and include calming ponds, gently bubbling streams, mysterious shrines, tea rooms, a bamboo grove, and a mountain hiking trail. A walk to the top of the trail takes about 30 minutes one direction, but it is certainly worth it for the breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and Sakurajima from the top.
9 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Kunisaki Peninsula 2 Days Tour: into a world of religion and history

In this private tour, explore and immerse yourself in Japan's rich and unique religious culture with over 1,300 year of history in Kunisaki, Oita prefecture. English-speaking guide will kindly help you.
2 days
Private & Custom Tours

Private Full-Day Nagasaki Tour by Public Transport

See the highlights of Nagasaki on an 8-hour guided tour with transportation by public transit system. Visit the Nagasaki Peace Park, the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, go to the former settlement of Dutch traders, journey back to the Edo era at Dejima, and more. Private tour is limited to a maximum of ten people. Please advise your desired departure location upon booking.
8 hours
Classes & Workshops

Designing Your Lucky Character with a Brush Pen Experience in Fukuoka

A perfect opportunity to make an original one of a kind gift that you can take back home to your friends and family. With this experience you will be able to create your very own Japanese character through Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) with special luck design. You will be using a brush pen to create a postcard with your Japanese character design.
1 hour
Shows, Concerts & Sports

Shamisen (Japanese traditional musical instrument) Experience in Fukuoka

With this experience you will be able to play a Japanese traditional musical instrument, the Shamisen. The Shamisen is a three string guitar that is played with a pick called a bachi. You will see the Shamisen used in theatre performance such as Kabuki and other performing arts in Japan. At the end of this experience you will be able to play the Shamisen on your own and will be able to play a song with the Shamisen.
1 hour
Classes & Workshops

Japanese taiko drum performance and trial at WeBase Hakata Community Hostel

With this experience you will be able to play the Taiko (Japanese drum) and wear a Happi (traditional attire for workmen) and look and play the part of a Japanese drummer. You will be taught by the local Taiko group, the Turtle which is based in Fukuoka Prefecture, this group is known to perform at different venues, events, and temples as well. You will learn from the best and the end of this experience you will come out playing the taiko drum like a Japanese drummer.
1 hour
Classes & Workshops

Experience Zen meditation at a Japanese Temple in Fukuoka

Achieve self-peace with this Zen meditation experience in Hakata, Fukuoka. You will be attending the Myorakuji Temple where the monk of this temple will teach you how to do a Zen meditation. You will learn how to important to harmonize your posture, breathing and mind, which the monk will teach you how you can achieve so with this experience.
1 hour