Arts & Crafts in Northern Higashiyama

Kyoto Handicraft Center

Split between two buildings, East and West, the Kyoto Handicraft Center sells a good range of Japanese arts and crafts, such as Hokusai woodblock prints (reproductions from ¥5000), Japanese dolls, pearls, clothing, …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Northern Higashiyama


If you’re a fan of Japanese swords and armour, you have to visit this wonderful shop on Marutamachi (diagonally opposite the Kyoto Handicraft Center). It has authentic swords, newly made Japanese armour, martial art…
Arts & Crafts in Northern Higashiyama

Chion-ji Tezukuri-ichi

This ‘handmade market’ is held at Chion-ji from dawn to dusk on the 15th of the month. Wares include food and handmade clothes. This is a good chance to see Kyoto’s alternative community out in force.