Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Southern Higashiyama

Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

This company has been making its canvas bags for over 110 years and the store is often crammed with those in the know picking up a skillfully crafted Kyoto product. Originally designed as ‘tool’ bags for workers to …
Ceramics in Southern Higashiyama


Located in the heart of the Kiyomizu pottery area, Asahi-dō has been specialising in Kyōyaki-Kiyomizuyaki (Kyoto-style pottery) since 1870. The complex is called Asahi Touan and comprises the main store with the wid…
Arts & Crafts in Southern Higashiyama


Kagoshin is a small semi-open traditional bamboo craft shop that has been around for generations on Sanjō-dōri, only a few minutes’ walk east of the Kamo-gawa. It has a good selection of baskets, chopstick holders, …
Homewares in Southern Higashiyama

Miura Shōmei

If you've taken a shine to the soft warm glow of paper lanterns in your ryokan and want one to take home, this is the shop to get one. In business for over 120 years, each light is handcrafted using natural material…
Cosmetics in Southern Higashiyama


Peruse the cosmetics and skincare here at one of Kyoto's most well-known brands. The famous oil-blotting facial papers make a great lightweight and cheap souvenir. There are a few branches around town – this one is …
Arts & Crafts in Southern Higashiyama


While exploring the lovely Nene-no-Michi lane in Higashiyama’s main sightseeing district, you might want to step into this fine little wood-block print shop specialising in original prints, some of which are quite o…
Arts & Crafts in Southern Higashiyama

Kyoto Sanjō Takematsu

This fine specialist store stocks a wide selection of bamboo crafts, such as baskets, bamboo vases, decorations and knick-knacks.