Electronics in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Bic Camera

The sheer amount of gadgets and goods this store has on display is amazing. Just be sure that an English operating manual is available for your purchases. It's also a good place to pick up a prepaid Japanese SIM car…
Electronics in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Yodobashi Camera

This mammoth shop sells a range of electronics, camera and computer goods, and also has a restaurant floor, a branch of popular Uniqlo budget clothing store, a supermarket, a bookshop, a cafe and, well, the list goe…
Homewares in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto


Stop by this tiny tucked-away store to covet the beautiful tin, copper and brass chazutsu (tea canisters) handcrafted by a family of artisans for over 130 years. They may not come cheap, but if they are looked after…
Arts & Crafts in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto


A haven for the olfactory sense, this shop has sold incense and aromatic woods (for burning, similar to incense) for four centuries. This is a great place to pick up some distinctively Japanese souvenirs and gifts t…
Market in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Kōbō-san Market

This market is held at Tō-ji each month to commemorate the death of Kōbō Daishi, who in 823 was appointed abbot of the temple. If you’re after used kimonos, pottery, bric-a-brac, plants, tools and general Japanalia,…
Department Store in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

JR Isetan Department Store

Isetan is an elegant department store located inside the Kyoto Station building, making it perfect for a last-minute spot of shopping before hopping on the train to the airport. Don’t miss the B1 and B2 food floors.
Shopping Centre in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Porta Shopping Mall

Located under the north side of Kyoto Station (take the escalators down from just outside the central gate), you’ll find this utilitarian shopping mall that’s crammed with restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, souven…
Department Store in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto


While this mall doesn't offer much of interest, there is a food court and supermarket on its B1 floor. It’s geared mostly to younger Kyoto shoppers, but it’s good for browsing if you have time to kill while waiting …
Shopping Centre in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Æon Mall Kyoto

A five-minute walk southwest of Kyoto Station (exit Hachijō-guchi), you'll find branches of most of the big Japanese retailers here, including Muji, Uniqlo and Sofmap (computers etc). On the 4th floor is the food fl…
Sports & Outdoors in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

Kōjitsu Sansō

On the 5th floor of the Yodobashi Camera building, this is one of Kyoto’s biggest outdoor goods shops. If you’re heading up to the Japan Alps to do some hiking, you might want to stop here before getting on the trai…