Top Choice Tofu in Northwest Kyoto


Locals line up for the tofu lunch sets at this famous restaurant across from Kitano Tenman-gū. Set meals usually include tofu, rice and miso soup. The problem is that it gets very crowded, especially when a market i…
Noodles in Northwest Kyoto


This is a great choice for a spot of lunch when visiting Kinkaku-ji and the temples in the area. The setting is traditional and relaxed and it serves filling noodle meals, such as the tempura prawn and soba noodle s…
Ramen in Northwest Kyoto

Ramen Kazu

Convenient for lunch near Kinkaku-ji, this diner-style ramen eatery is decked out in black and white with checked tiles and bar stools. It does Kyoto-style ramen served with a thick broth.