Kyoto Bus & Rail Passes

One-day unlimited travel passes There’s a one-day card valid for unlimited travel on Kyoto City buses and some of the Kyoto buses (these are different companies) that costs ¥600 and a one-day subway pass that also costs ¥600. A one-day unlimited bus and subway pass costs ¥900.

Kyoto Sightseeing Pass Allows unlimited use of the Kyoto City buses, subway and some of the Kyoto bus routes for one day ¥900 or two days ¥1700.

One-day bus and Kyoto Sightseeing passes can be purchased at major bus terminals, at the Kyoto Bus Information Centre at Kyoto Station or at the Kyoto Tourist Information Center. The one-day subway pass can be bought at subway ticket windows and the Kyoto Tourist Information Center.

ICOCA The prepaid rechargeable ICOCA card has a magnetic chip, which you wave over the reader at the ticket gates, and it is valid on most trains, subways and buses in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara etc). It can be bought from ticket machines and at the Kansai International Airport and costs ¥2000, including ¥500 refundable deposit. The ICOCA & Haruka (¥3600) is a set including the ICOCA card preloaded with ¥1500 (including ¥500 refundable deposit) plus a discounted ticket for the JR Haruka Express train from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station.

Kansai One Pass ( An ICOCA card (¥3000, including ¥500 refundable deposit) with an image of Astro Boy on it specifically for foreigners that offers discounts at selected tourist attractions and some temples.

The Kansai Thru Pass (two-/three-day pass ¥4000/5200) is useful if you're planning to do some exploring in the Kansai area. For more information, visit