Feature: Atmospheric Strolls in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the world's great walking cities, especially after dark. The soft glow of paper lanterns hung from machiya (traditional Japanese townhouses) turn the already pretty streets into something out of a movie set.

Ponto-chō Take a short but sweet stroll through one of the most atmospheric lanes in all of Japan. Expect crowds in the evening.

Kiyamachi The section of Kiyamachi-dōri between Oike and Gojō is incredibly beautiful after dark, especially during cherry-blossom season. The section between Sanjō and Shijō is not as romantic as it's home to a lot of the city's clubs and nightlife.

Kiyomizu to Yasaka While it’s clogged with tourists during the day, the main tourist route from Kiyomizu-dera down to Yasaka-jinja is usually almost deserted after dark. It's truly magical at this time.

Path of Philosophy The crowds are usually gone by 5pm here, leaving this scenic pathway to locals and savvy travellers.

Gion A brief stroll along Hanami-kōji, across Shijō, and over to Shimbashi, is well on the beaten path but it can't detract from the beauty of this historic area.