Top Choice Theatre in Southern Higashiyama


The oldest kabuki theatre in Japan is the Minami-za in Gion. The major event of the year is the Kaomise festival (30 November to 25 December), which features Japan’s finest kabuki actors. Other performances take pla…
Top Choice Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Miyako Odori

This 45-minute dance is a wonderful geisha performance. It’s a real stunner and the colourful images are mesmerising. It’s held throughout April usually at the Gion Kōbu Kaburen-jō Theatre, on Hanami-kōji, just sout…
Top Choice Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Kyō Odori

Put on by the Miyagawa-chō geisha district, this wonderful geisha dance is among the most picturesque performances of the Kyoto year. It’s held from the first to the third Sunday in April at the Miyagawa-chō Kaburen…
Top Choice Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Gion Odori

This is a quaint and charming geisha dance put on by the geisha of the Gion Higashi geisha district. It’s held from 1 to 10 November at the Gion Kaikan Theatre (祇園会館), near Yasaka-jinja.
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Kyoto Cuisine & Maiko Evening

If you want to witness geisha perform and then actually speak with them, one of the best opportunities is at Gion Hatanaka, a Gion ryokan that offers a regularly scheduled evening of elegant Kyoto kaiseki food and p…
Theatre in Southern Higashiyama

Gion Corner

Gion Corner presents regularly scheduled one-hour shows that include a bit of tea ceremony, koto (Japanese zither) music, ikebana (art of flower arranging), gagaku (court music), kyōgen (ancient comic plays), kyōmai…
Theatre in Northern Higashiyama

ROHM Theatre Kyoto

The Kyoto Kaikan Theatre underwent a renovation early in 2016 and transformed into the ROHM Theatre Kyoto. Housed in a striking modernist building, it holds three multipurpose halls with a 2000-seater main hall host…
Japanese Culture in Imperial Palace & Around

Club Ōkitsu Kyoto

Ōkitsu provides an upmarket introduction to various aspects of Japanese culture, including tea ceremony and the incense ceremony. The introduction is performed in an exquisite Japanese villa near the Kyoto Imperial …
Dance in Northwest Kyoto

Kitano Odori

Performances by maiko and geiko of the Kamishichiken district are held in early April at Kamishichiken Kaburen-jō Theatre (上七軒歌舞練場), east of Kitano-Tenman-gū.
Dance in Downtown Kyoto

Kamogawa Odori

Geisha dances from 1 to 24 May at Ponto-chō Kaburen-jō Theatre in Ponto-chō.