Top Choice Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Miyako Odori

This 45-minute dance is a wonderful geisha performance. It’s a real stunner and the colourful images are mesmerising. It’s held throughout April, usually at Gion Kōbu Kaburen-jō Theatre, on Hanami-kōji, just south o…
Top Choice Theatre in Southern Higashiyama


This theatre in Gion is the oldest kabuki theatre in Japan. The major event of the year is the Kaomise festival in December, which features Japan’s finest kabuki actors. If the theatre is still closed for renovation…
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Kyō Odori

Put on by the Miyagawa-chō geisha district, this wonderful geisha dance is among the most picturesque performances of the Kyoto year. It’s held from the first to the third Sunday in April at the Miyagawa-chō Kaburen…
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Gion Odori

This is a quaint and charming geisha dance put on by the geisha of the Gion Higashi geisha district. It’s held from 1 to 10 November at the Gion Kaikan Theatre (祇園会館), near Yasaka-jinja.
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Kyoto Cuisine & Maiko Evening

If you want to witness geisha perform and then actually speak with them, one of the best opportunities is at Gion Hatanaka, a Gion ryokan that offers a regularly scheduled evening of elegant Kyoto kaiseki food and p…
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Maiko Dinner Show Yasakadori Enraku

Traditional restaurant Yasadori Enraku started hosting intimate maiko (apprentice geisha) performances in early 2017. Guests are seated on tatami-mat floors at low tables for dinner and shows include a dance perform…
Theatre in Southern Higashiyama

Gion Corner

Gion Corner presents one-hour shows that include a bit of tea ceremony, koto (Japanese zither) music, ikebana (art of flower arranging), gagaku (court music), kyōgen (ancient comic plays), kyōmai (Kyoto-style dance)…
Dance in Southern Higashiyama

Maiko Theatre

This is a new spot hosting maiko shows for small groups in a modern building. It includes a bit of tea ceremony, two short dances, conversation time and photo ops. Drinks are available and there's a bentō box option…