Kyoto Lazy Bird Tour

Tours & Sightseeing in Kyoto Station & South Kyoto

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Kyoto is the most famous tourist destination in Japan with plenty of wonderful sights to see. Here we offer a luxurious tour in the afternoon that enables you to visit three of the most iconic tourist attractions in Kyoto after spending a leisurely morning or getting rid of your jet-lag.
★Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (Nature) The renowned bamboo forest with its subtle hues of green and the sun slanting through has an exceptional beauty. The rustling of the leaves and the creaking of the trunks softly swaying in the breeze have a very relaxing effect. It’s an experience that you shouldn't miss while being in Kyoto.★ Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden Pavilion) This famous Zen temple is an icon of Samurai culture. Although it is a very popular tourist destination, the unique sight of the Golden Pavilion is well worth a visit. You can get wonderful pictures of the gilded building and its beautiful appearance reflected in the pond. ★ Fushimi Inari (Shrine) The spectacular tunnel of thousands of vermillion torii gates is so famous and picturesque. These torii gates were offered by worshippers in appreciation of the good fortune they received from the deity enshrined here. Why don’t you, too, offer a prayer and change your luck?

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  • Guide Fare

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