Kushimoto attractions

Landmark in Kushimoto


This amazing natural rock formation is a line of about a dozen spire-like boulders extending 900m into the water like the supports of a bridge. It's popular for a ramble at low tide and for photos at sunrise. You ca…
Museum in Kushimoto

Turkish Memorial Museum

In 1890 the Turkish ship Ertuğrul, returning from a diplomatic mission between the Ottoman and Japanese empires, sunk off the rocky coast of Kii – a notorious spot for shipwrecks. Locals quickly mobilised to help th…
Museum in Kushimoto

Japan–US Memorial Museum

Though Japan was famously closed to most foreign traders for 200 years between the mid-17th and mid-19th centuries, that doesn't mean people didn't try to stop by. This small museum lays out in detailed English the …
Lighthouse in Kushimoto

Kashino-zaki Lighthouse

This small lighthouse (c 1870) was the first of eight modern lighthouses to be built after Japan opened up to foreign trade. The building itself isn't all that impressive, but the coastal scenery around it is.