Landmark in Kushimoto, Shiono-misaki & Kii-Ōshima


This amazing natural rock formation is a line of about a dozen spire-like boulders extending 900m into the water like the supports of a bridge. It's popular for a ramble at low tide and for photos at sunrise, and th…
Museum in Kushimoto, Shiono-misaki & Kii-Ōshima

Japan–US Memorial Museum

This rather staid little museum commemorates the visit of the US ship Lady Washington in 1791, during Japan's 200-plus years of self-imposed isolation and 62 years before the more famous landing of US Commodore Perr…
Museum in Kushimoto, Shiono-misaki & Kii-Ōshima

Toruko-Kinenkan Museum

In this museum and the park surrounding Kashino-zaki Lighthouse is something most unexpected: Turkish-related buildings and monuments, commemorating the sinking of the Turkish ship Ertugrul here in 1890, and the Jap…
Lighthouse in Kushimoto, Shiono-misaki & Kii-Ōshima

Kashino-zaki Lighthouse

This small lighthouse (c 1870) isn't all that impressive, but the natural coastal scenery around it is.