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Okinawan in Kume-jima

Yangwa Soba

Kume-jima's most famous soba shop is open for lunch only and is worth the trip. Serving handmade noodles out of his own home, the hospitable Nakasone-san cultivates a warm and nurturing island vibe. Enjoy your Kume-…
Beach in Kume-jima


Kume-jima's most famous attraction is this 7km sandbar that extends from the eastern point of the island, pointing back towards Okinawa-hontō. If you arrive by air, you can't miss this coral-fringed strip of white f…
Beach in Kume-jima


On tiny Ōjima (奥武島), which is connected to Kume-jima's east coast by a causeway, you'll find the intriguing Tatami-ishi, a natural formation of flat pentagonal rocks that covers the seashore.
Beach in Kume-jima

Eef Beach

On the east coast is the most popular beach on the island. Iifu (Eef) means 'white' in the local Kume dialect, and not surprisingly, the beach is known for its powdery white sand.
Beach in Kume-jima


As any local will tell you, this attractive beach is the best place on the island for watching the sunset over the East China Sea. Find it on the west coast near the airport.