Top Choice Cafe in Kōya-san


Run by a delightful French-Japanese couple, this charming cafe with great old wooden beams is a relaxing spot for coffees and cakes like chocolate cake and tofu cheesecake. Daily lunch set menus are served until the…
Shokudō in Kōya-san


This convenient shokudō serves standards like katsu-don (fried pork cutlet over rice, ¥820) represented by plastic food models in the window. It's diagonally across from the Shukubō Association office on the main st…
Shokudō in Kōya-san


If after all that Buddhist vegetarian cooking you just need some meat, this mom-and-pop shop on the edge of town serves up an assortment of deep-fried goodness: the namesake tonkatsu (pork cutlet), chicken, grilled …
Shokudo in Kōya-san

Nankai Shokudō

Diagonally across the street from the Shukubō Association office, this restaurant specialises in noodles and teishoku (set meals).
Convenience Store in Kōya-san

Family Mart

For snacks and simple meals there's a new Family Mart convenience store (big news on the mountain).