Top Choice Castle in Kōchi


Kōchi-jō is one of just a dozen castles in Japan to have survived with its original tenshu-kaku (keep) intact. The castle was originally built during the first decade of the 17th century by Yamanouchi Katsutoyo, who…
Beach in Kōchi


Katsura-hama is a popular beach 13km south of central Kōchi at the point where Kōchi's harbour empties out into the bay. Unfortunately, strong currents prohibit swimming, but it's a lovely spot to stroll, with a sma…
Gardens in Kōchi

Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden

On the south side of Godaisan-kōen east of the city centre are the Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Gardens, which feature more than 3000 different plant species.
Museum in Kōchi

Sakamoto Ryōma Memorial Museum

The Sakamoto Ryōma Memorial Museum tells the life story of this local hero in miniature dioramas.
Gallery in Kōchi

Treasure House

Chikurin-ji’s Treasure House hosts an impressive collection of Buddhist sculpture from the Heian and Kamakura periods; the same ticket gets you into the lovely late-Kamakura-period garden opposite.
Market in Kōchi

Sunday Market

Our favourite street market in Shikoku, 300 years old, takes place every Sunday along the main road leading to the castle. Colourful stalls sell fresh produce, tonics and tinctures, knives, flowers, garden stones an…
Museum in Kōchi

Ino Japanese Paper Museum

Make your own Japanese paper for ¥300 at this museum, about 10km west of Kōchi. From the Harimaya-bashi tram stop, take a tram to the last stop in Ino. From there, walk westward until the next main intersection, tur…
Park in Kōchi


Several kilometres east of the town centre is the mountain of Godaisan, where there are excellent views over the city from a lookout point (展望台). A short walk away at the top of the hill is Chikurin-ji (竹林寺), Temple…
Landmark in Kōchi


Reconstructed little bridge dating from the Edo period.