Top Choice Japanese in Shimanto City


The three kanji characters that make up this classy restaurant's name say it all – mountain, river, sea. Out at the spectacular Iyashi-no-sato eco-hotel, Sanzenkai uses locally sourced seasonal ingredients to tempt …
Top Choice Japanese in Kōchi

Hirome Ichiba

Dozens of mini-restaurants and bars specialising in everything from gomoku rāmen (seafood noodles) to tako-yaki (octopus balls) surround communal tables; this is the hub of Kōchi's cheap-eats scene. On weekends, it …
Okonomiyaki in Kōchi


This is one of the few remaining cook-it-yourself okonomiyaki (pancake) joints in Kōchi serving cheap and cheerful Japanese pancakes. The 'mix' of ika (squid), ebi (shrimp) and tori (chicken) is heavenly. Other alte…
Cafe in Ikumi


Ikumi White Beach Hotel runs an inexpensive restaurant called Olu-Olu, featuring a picture menu and plenty of dog-eared Japanese surf mags. Eat inside, or there's a hole-in-the-wall ordering spot and terrace for eat…
Izakaya in Kōchi


Red lanterns mark out this locals' izakaya opposite Chūō-kōen that opens at the shockingly early hour of 11am. The food is under glass on the counter, so you can point at what you'd like to order. Sashimi moriawase …
Japanese in Kōchi

Tosa Ichiba

Just back from the start of Obiyamachi Arcade, this is a place to go to try local set meals, especially if you are struggling with Japanese menus. Just about the whole menu is displayed either outside or in the wind…
Japanese Curry in Ikumi

Aunt Dinah

Japanese country music and a range of curries are available at this old-timey spot near the main crossroad in Kannoura. House specialities include a filling Thai coconut curry for ¥1390.