Top Choice Steak in Kōbe

Kōbe Plaisir

You can't get any more locavore than this – ingredients come directly from the local branch of the Japan Agricultural Cooperative. You and your party choose your preparation of Kōbe or other steak – seiro-mushi (ste…
Top Choice Burgers in Kōbe

Wanto Burger

Run by a cool young crew, this spot looks like a vintage US diner, with long counter and a few tables, but that's where the resemblance ends. It's utterly different in both taste and price because the burgers are ma…
International in Kōbe


This cheerfully eclectic and friendly restaurant offers a giant menu of good-value lunches and dinners: noodles (Italian and Japanese), pizza, Chinese dishes and generous teishoku (set meals), plus plenty of beer an…
Steak in Kōbe


Teppanyaki steak (grilled on a steel plate) is notoriously expensive, but this friendly spot serves it at a fraction of the price charged at other places. Award-winning Kōbe and wagyū beef comes with simply grilled …
Bakery in Kōbe

Isuzu Bakery

Kōbe is famous for baked goods, and this award-winning bakery (open since 1946) has been featured on national TV for creative treats like toreron (70cm-long sausage roll), curry pan (doughnut with curried beef tendo…
International in Kōbe

Grill Jūjiya

In this city thick with east-west heritage, this old-fashioned charmer specialises in yōshoku, early Japanese takes on Western cooking: beef stew, grilled chicken, fried seafood, hayashi rice (rice with hashed beef,…
Italian in Kōbe

R Valentino

Run by Italians and popular with Japanese and foreign visitors alike, this easygoing eatery on a Sannomiya side street is casual, comfortable and cosy, with stone walls and rustic furniture. Choose from dozens of pa…
Bakery in Kōbe

Isuzu Bakery

A branch of the famous Isuzu Bakery.
Izakaya in Kōbe


Northwest of Sannomiya Station is salaryman central, with myriad izakaya and bars. Head to Hirai to sample the house speciality, katsuo wara-yaki (bonito charred over straw), or house-made gyōza (dumplings), alongsi…
Seafood in Kōbe

Fisherman's Market

In Kōbe Harbor Land Mosaic, this giant seafood restaurant features an all-you-can-eat buffet and, more impressively, million-yen harbour views through tall windows. Seafood preparations span Italian, Chinese, Spanis…