Kōbe restaurants

Steak in Kōbe

Kōbe Plaisir

This is a great place to try Kōbe beef prepared in a variety of styles, including teppanyaki or shabu-shabu (thinly sliced beef cooked with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sauce). It's managed directl…
Shokudo in Kōbe


Mikami is a beacon of good food in the otherwise forlorn zone between Shin-Kōbe Station and Sannomiya. For both lunch and dinner it does excellent teishoku (set meals); the 'katsu' (crumbed and fried) dishes are esp…
Bakery in Kōbe

Isuzu Bakery

The most famous of Kōbe's bakeries, Isuzu is particularly famous for its crisp, fluffy 'curry pan' (¥160; カレーパン ), a deep-fried doughnut stuffed with beef curry. There's a huge variety of sweet and savoury options (…
International in Kōbe

Grill Jūjiya

In a city thick with east–west heritage, this old-fashioned charmer specialises in yōshoku, early Japanese takes on Western cooking, like hayashi rice (beef hash served with onions and demi-glace sauce over rice). I…
Burgers in Kōbe

Wanto Burger

Wanto serves towering, teetering burgers made with Kōbe beef – and also somewhat less expensive varieties of wagyū (Japanese beef). It's run by a cool young crew and looks like a vintage US diner, with a long counte…
Cafe in Kōbe


This adorably funky cafe with a glassed-in verandah is Kōbe's go-to spot for organic vegetarian and vegan meals and cakes, served with herbal tea or homemade sangria. Look for the thicket of potted trees out the fro…
Steak in Kōbe


A reliable place for Kōbe beef served teppanyaki (grilled on a steel plate) at entry-level prices: less-expensive cuts start at ¥2500 for 80g and a daily-special premium cut at ¥5800. Steak meals come with grilled v…
Izakaya in Kōbe


Amid the myriad izakaya (pub-restaurants) and bars northwest of Sannomiya Station, Hirai is a reliably popular spot for its house specialities katsuo wara-yaki (bonito charred over straw) and house-made gyōza (dumpl…
Italian in Kōbe

R Valentino

Run by a long-time Italian resident of Kōbe, this is the city's best place for pasta and brick-oven pizza. It's a popular local date spot (as much for the food as the Italian-rustic decor) and often crowded.
Bakery in Kōbe

Isuzu Bakery Ikuta Road Shop

A branch of the famous Isuzu Bakery.