Museum in Kōbe

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

Hakutsuru is the dominant sake brewer in Kōbe's Nada-ku, one of Japan's major sake-brewing centres. The self-guided tour through its historic, wood-built former brewery building (the current, giant concrete factory …
Museum in Kōbe

Kōbe City Museum

Ground yourself in Kōbe's history as a trading port and east–west meeting place, via art and artifacts with decent English signage. Items show foreign influence from clocks and oil lamps to hairstyles. It's pricey d…
Museum in Kōbe

Kōbe Maritime Museum & Kawasaki Good Times World

This building is in two parts: an extensive collection of high-quality model ships and displays in the old-school Maritime Museum, and the fun, hands-on experience of modern technology in Kawasaki Good Times World. …
Gardens in Kōbe

Kōbe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway

Escape the city on a 400m-high mountain ridge, with sweeping views across town to the bay. Access is via ropeway (cable car) departing from near Shin-Kōbe Station. Some twee shops and restaurants near the top statio…
Area in Kōbe


For generations of Japanese tourists, this pleasant, hilly neighbourhood is Kōbe, thanks to the dozen or so well-preserved homes of (mostly) Western trading families and diplomats who settled here during the Meiji P…
Area in Kōbe

Nankinmachi (Chinatown)

This gaudy, bustling, unabashedly touristy collection of Chinese restaurants and trinket and medicinal herb stores should be familiar to anyone who's visited Chinatowns elsewhere. It's fun for a stroll, particularly…
Shopping Centre in Kōbe

Kōbe Harbor Land Umie

Five minutes' walk southeast of Kōbe Station or west of the Maritime Museum, Umie is a busy, multilevel, contemporary megamall with a colourful collection of some 235 big-name retailers and speciality shops, in thr…
Landmark in Kōbe

Higashimon-gai Gate (South)

Chinatown's southeast gate.
Landmark in Kōbe

Higashimon-gai Gate (North)

Chinatown's northeast gate.
Waterfall in Kōbe

Nunobiki Falls

You'd never guess that such a beautiful natural sanctuary could sit so close to the city. This revered waterfall in four sections (the longest is 43m tall) has been the subject of art, poetry and worship for centuri…