Top things to do in Kiso

Top Choice Noodles in Kiso

Kurumaya Honten

One of Japan's most renowned soba shops, where the classic presentation is cold mori (plain) or zaru (with strips of nori) with a sweetish dipping sauce. It's near the first bridge at the bottom of the hill; look fo…
Museum in Kiso

Fukushima Checkpoint Site

This is a reconstruction of one of the most significant checkpoints on the Edo-period trunk roads. From its perch above the river valley, it's easy to see the barrier's strategic importance. Displays inside show the…
Italian in Kiso

Bistro Matsushima-tei

In the historic Ue-no-dan district, Bistro Matsushima-tei serves a changing selection of handmade pizzas and pastas in an atmospheric setting befitting the magnificent building's history.