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Top Choice Noodles in Kiso

Kurumaya Honten

One of Japan's most renowned soba shops, where the classic presentation is cold mori (plain) or zaru (with strips of nori seaweed) with a sweetish dipping sauce. It's near the first bridge at the bottom of the hill;…
Museum in Tsumago

Waki-honjin (Okuya) & Local History Museum

The former rest stop for the daimyōs' (domain lords') retainers, this waki-honjin was reconstructed in 1877 by a former castle builder under special dispensation from Emperor Meiji. It contains a lovely moss garden …
Museum in Kiso

Fukushima Checkpoint Site

This is a reconstruction of one of the most significant checkpoints on the Edo-period trunk roads. From its perch above the river valley, it's easy to see the barrier's strategic importance. Displays inside show the…
Italian in Kiso

Bistro Matsushima-tei

In Ue-no-dan, Bistro Matsushima-tei serves a changing selection of handmade pizzas and pastas in an atmospheric setting befitting the building's history.
Historic Building in Narai

Nakamura House

This wonderfully preserved former merchant's house and garden looks as if it has stood still while time passed by.
Noodles in Tsumago


If you're hungry after a long walk, you can't go past a chilled bowl of handmade Kiso zaru-soba.
Historic Building in Tsumago


It was in this building that the daimyō themselves would spend the night, although the building's architecture is more noteworthy than its exhibits. A combined ticket (adult/child ¥700/350) includes admission to Wak…
Museum in Magome

Tōson Kinenkan

Magome was the birthplace of author Shimazaki Tōson (1872–1943) whose work records the decline of two provincial Kiso families. This museum is devoted to his life and times; information plaques are in Japanese with …
Shokudo in Narai


This delightful little eatery on a corner serves simple favourites such as special-sauce tonkatsu-don (deep-fried pork cutlet on rice).