Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park attractions

Shinto Shrine in Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park


Picturesque, tangerine Kirishima-jingū has a good vantage point. Though the original dates from the 6th century, the present shrine was built in 1715. It is dedicated to Ninigi-no-mikoto, who, according to Kojiki (a…
Nature Centre in Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park

Ebino-kōgen Eco Museum Centre

This attractive, lodge-like tourist centre has information, maps, models of the area's wildlife, topography and nature (in easily understandable English) and helpful staff. There's a video of the 2011 eruption of th…
Museum in Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park

Uenohara Jōmon-no-Mori Museum

Archaeology enthusiasts will want to detour to this museum, on the site where the oldest authenticated Jōmon-era pottery shards were discovered – during excavations for nearby office parks.
Agricultural Centre in Kirishima-Kinkō-wan National Park

Kurozu no Sato

Kurozu (amber rice vinegar) has been produced for centuries in the former rice-shipping port of Fukuyama, in Kirishima. The Sakamoto company has made it since the beginning of the 1800s and now invites visitors to v…