Kinosaki Onsen restaurants

Steak in Kinosaki Onsen

Irori Dining Mikuni

Mikuni serves local speciality Tajima-gyū (a high-end brand of Japanese beef). Different cuts are served different ways, and not just as steaks: sirloin, for example, is seared and sliced thin, served over rice (¥46…
Sushi in Kinosaki Onsen


This is an elegant sushi counter, frequented by locals, offering reasonably priced set meals. In winter you can sample local crab sourced from Tsuiyama harbour, just 10 minutes away, in a variety of ways, from kani-…
Seafood in Kinosaki Onsen


Located above a fish market, this casual restaurant is a popular local spot for kaisen-don (raw seafood on rice; ¥1400 to ¥1950), but there are also tempura and grilled items on the menu. Between November and March …
Noodles in Kinosaki Onsen


Soba and udon are handmade here using local ingredients; try the house speciality, kamo-zaru (chilled soba served on a bamboo mat with hot broth and duck meat on the side). It's a small, cosy place that paints a pic…
Izakaya in Kinosaki Onsen


This tiny izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery) serves satisfying classics like agedashi-tofu (creamy, deep-fried tofu) and yaki-zakana (grilled fish), paired with body- and soul-warming sake.
Pub Food in Kinosaki Onsen


This craft-beer pub near the town centre has four locally brewed house beers on tap and a diverse menu that includes dishes with Tajima beef, such as curry and gyū-don (simmered beef on rice).
Seafood in Kinosaki Onsen

Daikō Shōten

This huge (by local standards) casual restaurant has an equally huge menu of local seafood served fried, grilled, sautéed or as sashimi. You can't go wrong with kaisen-don (raw seafood over rice). There are picture …