Top Choice Vegan in Hongū

Cafe Bonheur

An unexpected treasure at Hongū's southern end is this vegan cafe in a former post office (with the wood floors and clapboard walls to prove it). It does lovely lunches like green curries and delectable sandwiches o…
Top Choice Cafe in Kōya-san


Japanese, English and French are spoken by the delightful couple who own this charming cafe with great old wooden beams. It's a relaxing spot for coffees, organic mains, and sweets such as chocolate cake and tofu ch…
Shokudo in Shirahama


This well-kept, cheerful little shokudō serves teishoku (set meals) like tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) tempura, katsuo tataki (lightly roasted bonito) and a popular local fish called kue (longtooth grouper). On …
Izakaya in Tanabe


In the warren of tiny restaurants called Ajikoji near Kii-Tanabe Station, this boisterous, family-run izakaya is famous for ebi-dango (shrimp paste balls) with house-made mayo, croquettes and ridiculously fresh fish…
Shokudo in Kōya-san


If after all that Buddhist vegetarian cooking you just need some meat, this mom-and-pop shop on the edge of town serves up an assortment of deep-fried goodness: the namesake tonkatsu (pork cutlet), chicken, grilled …
Japanese in Shingū


This easygoing, comfortably contemporary cluster of rooms serves a large selection of Japanese specialities – including sashimi, tempura and 100% buckwheat soba and even some Western dishes like pasta.
Food Hall in Shirahama

Fisherman's Wharf Shirahama

By the water south of the town centre, this newish complex for restaurant browsing has six spots, including Italian, Japanese, a fresh fish market, a mellow Hawaiian-style cafe and a rooftop beer garden (weather per…
Shokudo in Kōya-san


This convenient shokudō serves standards like katsu-don (fried pork cutlet on rice) represented by plastic food models in the window. It's diagonally across from the Kōya-san Shukubō Association on the main street.
Cafe in Kii Peninsula

Yuzuyume Cafe

By the gorge in central Ryūjin, this chill, eclectic indoor-outdoor cafe serves everything from tofu pizza to keema curry and house-made bacon.
Shokudo in Kōya-san

Nankai Shokudō

Diagonally across the street from the Shukubō Association office, this restaurant specialises in noodles and teishoku (set meals).