Tourist Information in Kōya-san

Kōya-san Shukubō Association

In the centre of town in front of the Senjūin-bashi bus stop (千手院橋バス停), Kōya-san's well-equipped tourist information centre stocks maps and brochures, and English speakers are usually on hand. It also makes shukubō …
Tourist Information in Tanabe

Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau

By the train station, this excellent tourism bureau offers detailed info on the region and lodging options, as well as useful maps including a 'gourmet map' of local restaurants with English menus.
Tourist Information in Shirahama

Shirahama Tourist Association

For tourist information in town, visit this info centre just across from the beach. Enter via the little street by Shirahama Beach bus stop.
Tourist Information in Shingū

Information Office

The helpful English-speaking staff at this office dispense a useful map of town. Bike rentals are available (per two hours/day ¥500/1000).
Tourist Information in Kushimoto, Shiono-misaki & Kii-Ōshima

Kushimoto Town Tourism Association

Has information on the many food shops in town and rents motorised bicycles (per three hours/day ¥1500/2000).
Post in Kōya-san

Post Office

Mail letters and postcards, and withdraw cash from the international ATM.
Tourist Information in Shirahama

Tourist Information Office

At Shirahama Station, pick up a map of sights and accommodation.
Police in Kōya-san

Kōya Police Station

The local kōban.