Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Marine Liner Tokashiki

The Marine Liner is the faster of two ferry services between Tokashiki and Naha's Tomarin port, with two to three services per day (¥2490, 35 minutes). The slower, cheaper service is Ferry Tokashiki.
Car Rental in Tokashiki-jima

Kariyushi Rentasābisu

Bicycles, cars and scooters are available for rent at Kariyushi Rentasābisu, just outside the port area; it also rents towels, snorkelling gear and showers.
Ferry in Aka-jima

Zamami Village Office

The Zamami Village Office operates the high-speed and regular ferry services that run between Zamami and Naha's Tomarin port.
Ferry in Tokashiki-jima

Ferry Tokashiki

This regular ferry (¥1660, 70 minutes) runs one daily service to/from Naha's Tomari Port and Tokashiki.