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Flights to Osaka

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Washington Dulles
from $459.00
Osaka Kansai International

Getting around by air

Two airports serve Osaka: Kansai International Airport for all international and some domestic flights; and the domestic Itami Airport, also confusingly called Osaka International Airport. KIX is about 50km southwest of the city, on an artificial island in the bay. Itami is located 12km northwest of Osaka.

Kansai International Airport

Transport Options

KIX is well connected to the city with direct train lines and buses.

Nankai Express Rapit (¥1430, 40 minutes) All-reserved twice-hourly service (7am to 11pm) between Nankai Kansai-Airport Station (in Terminal 1) and Nankai Namba Station; Nankai Airport Express trains take about 10 minutes longer and cost ¥920. To reach Nankai Kansai-Airport Station from Terminal 2, you will need to take a shuttle bus to Terminal 1.

JR Haruka Kansai-Airport Express Twice-hourly service (6.30am to 10pm) between KIX and Tennōji Station (unreserved seat ¥1710, 30 minutes) and Shin-Osaka Station (¥2330, 50 minutes). More frequent JR Kansai Airport rapid trains also run between KIX, Tennōji (¥1060, 50 minutes) and Osaka Station (¥1190, 68 minutes); the last train departs at 11.30pm. All these stations connect to the Midō-suji subway line. It departs from Terminal 1; you need to take a free shuttle bus if you arrive at Terminal 2.

KATE (www.kate.co.jp) Airport limousine buses run to/from Osaka City Air Terminal (¥1050, 50 minutes) in Namba, JR Osaka Station (¥1550, one hour) and Tempōzan (¥1550, one hour). Note that the trip, especially to Umeda, can take longer depending on traffic. After midnight, there is only an hourly service to Osaka Station. Note that bus departures are more frequent from Terminal 1.

Taxi There are standard taxi fares to Umeda (¥14,500, 50 minutes) and Namba (¥14,000, 50 minutes). There is a late-night fare surcharge of ¥2500.

Osaka Itami Airport

Transport Options

Osaka Monorail Connects the airport to Hotarugaike (¥200, three minutes) and Senri-Chūō (¥330, 12 minutes), from where you can transfer, respectively, to the Hankyū Takarazaka line or Hankyū Senri line for Osaka Station.

Osaka Airport Limousine (www.okkbus.co.jp) Frequent buses connect the airport with Osaka Station (¥640, 25 minutes), Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT; ¥640, 35 minutes) in Namba and Shin-Osaka Station (¥500, 25 minutes). At Itami, buy your tickets from the machine outside the arrivals hall.